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For Group Reservations Call: 360-687-2613
2022 Lewis River Campground - Christian Kids & Family Camps - Annual Auction & Fund-raiser Actively seeking Donation or Regional Vacations, Get-a-ways, Services, Crafts, Tools, or ?
1. Free! Sign up through Eventbrite to get your Bidder Number. 2. Free! Mark your Calendars Now - Oct. 9th 2021. Gather at 6:00pm - Bidding at 6:30pm 3. Preview our “Auction Items Catalog”. Updates with MORE Great items every few days as we get them! 4. Donations or Questions? Karen Sundstrom - (360) 687-2613 Tony Fardell - (360) 560-8902 Lewis River Campground 2022 Fundraiser Time & Location - RESERVED for the following: Time: Saturday Oct 8th, 2022 Portland CofC Auditorium ACTIONS: DAY OF EVENT Afternoon Set up of Pay Station, Tables, Chairs & Auction Items 6pm - Open, 6:30pm Hybrid Show Event = Both online Zoom & in person Auctioneer - Bill Campbell is NOT Available (on vacation) Position OPEN Event Done - Clean Up & Arrange Delivery of Items to Winners Q&A at 06:00 PM Pacific Time Auction begins at 06:30 PM Pacific Time
This is a fun & free Event! With some wonderful Vacations, Get-a-Ways, Services & Items! Preview Items: More items each week! Please Pre-Register at the “EventBrite” website to Bid – It’s FREE! Join the Auction - Click; 6pm Saturday, Oct. 9th 2021 @ 6pm PST Alternatively, join by phone: 253-215-8782 and ask Dan Jackson for a bidder number. Meeting ID: 811 3099 6169 Passcode: 898360
Auction Rules, Frequently Asked Questions & Tips Greetings and Welcome to the 2021 Lewis River Campground Fund-raiser Saturday, Oct. 9th,2021 6:00pm PST - Open: Social Gathering 6:30pm PST: A Quick Review of the Auction Q&A Click on the Zoom link any time AFTER 6pm PST 6pm through Close of Auction - Register to Bid! It's Fun - its Free! Click Eventbrite link above & Register your Name, Contact info & Address! Get your Ticket to Bid! After registering, you will receive a quick email that becomes your Ticket to Bid & Your Positive ID. Print the ticket or write down the last 4 numbers of your ticket ID# Preview or Print the list of items. Items will be presented in item number order. TIP: Have a pen/pencil & paper ready. Write down the items you're interested in or decide to bid on. If you win the item = Circle it & Add the price bid to win the item. This will help at check out. AS WE ARE PRESENTING AN ITEM: Item Preview on our “ITEMS” page & Ask Questions by Chat Only. Items will be presented by Auctioneer Bill Campbell & his assistant Belinda Schramm. Belinda will present most items that we physically have on site. Belinda and Bill will tell you everything that we know about each item. We can only answer a few Questions. All questions should be quietly asked in CHAT ONLY to preserve sound quality. Thank You! REFER TO: Complete Item Description & Dimensions as published on Webpage - "Item List". Note: All donated items are for a good cause & are presented " As Is" & "To our best Knowledge", with NO guarantees or Returns. HOW TO BID: When the Auctioneer asks for bids on an Item: (1st) un-mute yourself (2nd) Call out your LAST NAME ONLY & ONLY ONCE per item price level. The Auctioneer will progress higher until no higher bids are offered on an Item. Please, re-mute yourself if you’re no longer actively bidding! WINNING BIDS: Auctioneer Says: Going Once, Twice, Item # XXX/(Item Name) - Sold to ("Confirmed Person's Name") for ($$$XXX) :Please NOTE: If there is any question about the Positive ID of the winner? We will ask you to confirm the last 4 numbers of your Eventbrite "Ticket to Bid" in CHAT. Decision of the Auctioneer as to the WINNER is Final. HOW WINNING BIDDERS CHECK OUT & PAY: (1) Stay on line at the end of the Auction. Instructions & check out with your total $$ from Dan Jackson. Be prepared to TEXT ONLY Dan your full name and bidder number- Dan Jackson - (360) 606-2548. (2) If you need to Leave Early? - Text ONLY/Don NOT Call Please! - Dan Jackson - (360) 606-2548. (3) After verifying your Total with Dan, You can Pay through our Website "Donate" Credit/Debit/PayPal (4) Or Send a check payable to Lewis River Campground - Address on our website. WINNING ITEM - DELIVER OR PICK-UP? - Bill Campbell/North - Sean Langdon/South & Bend - Daniel Rose/Portland - Karen Sundstrom/Local & waiting for you at the Campground. If it has to be Shipped - We will contact you & arrange for shipping to be added to your total charges. CASH DONATIONS: - Thank You! Quick & Easy! Go to the Donate button above right - Pay with Credit/Debit/PayPal - or send a check payable to Lewis River Campground - Address on our website SOUND QUALITY: We are taking bids by Voice Only! - To Bid You call out your last name just Once at each bid level. Please! - Once the bidding starts on any item - If you're not actively bidding on that item - please re-mute yourself - The mute button = upper right corner of your personal picture box. NOTE: If your channel is left un-muted you will be disturbing the auction sound quality. Any background noise - dogs barking, phones ringing & you will be muted by our Moderator. Thank You for your Understanding & cooperation. VIDEO QUALITY: It is Highly recommended that you keep your Zoom on "Speaker View" (Big picture of the person speaking) This will help you better see the the items or pictures of the items being displayed for auction If you are currently on gallery view (lots of smaller pictures), you can change that setting on the top right of your personal zoom picture box.