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The Team

The Staff

Jessica Pycior

Camp Manager & Caretaker

Braden Austin

Volunteer & Videographer

Dannie Pycior

Volunteer & Photographer

Lewis River Campground Board

David Polly

Board President

Tony Fardell

Vice President

Eli Cronbaugh


Dan Jackson


Kim Naten

MC President
Board Member
Ex Efficio

Donald Welch

MC Financial Officer
Board Member
Ex efficio

Harold Lasley

Board Member

Harry Howell

Board Member

Andrew Hagman

Board Member

Berni Lee

Board Member

Brett Webberley

Board Member

Brody Sargent

Board Member

Susan Powell

Board Member

Larry Dobson

Board Member

Lewis River Campground


Karen & Les

Campground Legends

Meet Our People

Karen and Les Sundstrom dedicated 13 years of their lives to Lewis River Campground as Camp Manager and Caretaker. In their time here the two created a fluid office system, renovated buildings, put in drain fields and achieved many additional milestones, which not only kept this beautiful and deeply loved campground going, but assisted in it's success and development over the years. Their labor, skills, leadership and community have left an imprint on the campground and larger community here in Clark County.

Location is everything

30 minutes from the PDX, minutes from many waterfalls, 10 minutes from downtown Battleground and surrounded by woods and kind neighbors. We could dream of a better location. 

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